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Open Piano for Refugees – since 2016

Open Piano for Refugees – since 2016

Music makes no distinction between origin, language or religion. Music is a global language that is spoken everywhere and understood everywhere. Music connects.

„Open Piano for Refugees“ aims to promote interaction in public, artfully enliven public space and at the same time ensure a positive public presence for refugees. A new communication platform is to be created through music.

For “Open Piano for Refugees”, Feurich provides pianos that are freely accessible and placed in public spaces: Anyone and everyone can play. Anyone and everyone can listen.

Piano concerts are held, preferably by refugees, but also by locals. A new communication platform is created through music. The aim is also to encourage donations, which flow into music projects that benefit refugees and locals at the same time.

The Klavier Galerie is taking care of everything – from transport to regular piano tuning.