We are open!
Our rehearsal rooms are open to anyone tested, vaccinated or recovered.
(Attention: Only PCR tests will be accepted!)
Please show proof of this at the Infopoint when entering.
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Welcome to the KLAVIERgalerie …

… the music centre for piano aficionados in Vienna!


Everything here is about the piano:

New and refurbished upright and grand pianos for sale or rent, piano tuning and transport, in-house workshop, rehearsal rooms, music school, recording studio, and a concert hall.

We are looking forward to your visit!


In a little workshop in the heart of Vienna, in the KLAVIERmanufaktur, we develop and build our most innovative instrument – the FEURICH Model 123 – Vienna.

Masterpieces & Unique Pianos

Here you will find hand-picked concert grand pianos and upright pianos, expertly restored masterpieces by top brands, designer pianos and unique items.

Reconditioned & Mint Pianos

In the KLAVIERgalerie showrooms you will find used upright pianos and grand pianos in mint condition, professionally reconditioned, regulated, and tuned.