voicing the hammer heads of a grand paino

Especially when it comes to the expression of emotions and finest nuances, the whole beauty of a piano shows. The maximum of possibilities is achieved by voicing.

The sound of a piano is not created by the vibration of the strings alone, but also by how they are struck. A grand piano that has to compete with a whole orchestra in the concert hall is voiced in a different way than a piano in a small room that is usually played solo.

Voicing is the treatment of the felt of the hammer heads, which hardens over time, by inserting needles into specific areas of the hammer to increase flexibility thus modeling the tone. Also the harmony between the registers has to be taken into consideration, so that a harmonious sound pattern results from the basses to the treble.

With the processing of the felt, the sound of the piano can be scaled to individual preferences. From soft, romantic sound effects to very clear, almost hard-sounding tones, the entire spectrum of timbres can be realized.

It takes many years, even decades, of experience to fully master voicing. At the Klavier Galerie, several masters of their field work together, voicing your instrument according to you taste. Many of our customers hardly recognize their piano after a professional service and a precise voicing – in the most positive sense.

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