Small, special humidifier, which has been built into a piano

Pianos are very sensitive to fluctuations in humidity. The most effective solution is called Piano Life Saver and is built directly into the instrument. A life guard for your piano!

The well-tempered piano in your home

Piano life saver

Acoustic instruments go out of tune over time; this is what makes them so special and lifelike. However, they do not tolerate great variations in temperature and humidity well.
In the winter, due to low outside temperatures and intensive heating, the humidity indoors often drops to a harmful level of well below 40% – the threshold value for giving warranty and keeping you instrument healthy and fun. The swelling and shrinking of the wood caused by substantial fluctuations will result in a much shorter life for your instrument, more frequent maintenance work and tuning and even damage that can entail costly repairs.
Of course, this process can be counteracted by humidification that is beneficial not only for instruments but also for people. However, the disadvantages are obvious: Noise, time-consuming cleaning and daily maintenance of the humidifier.
The ideal solution is therefore a humidification and dehumidification inside the instrument: The Piano Life Saver guarantees a microclimate inside the piano with a constant humidity of around 50%. If the humidity is too high, a dehumidifier will switch on, if the humidity is too low, the humidifier comes in. The system keeps the condition of the wood inside the instrument stable and consumes comparatively little energy.


  • The piano does not go out of tune due to fluctuating humidity
  • All felts and leather parts in the instrument have a much longer life, thus playing remains more enjoyable much longer
  • Simpler than watering your flowers: If you see a red light, just refill with water (every 1-2 weeks)
  • No annoying noise
  • Significantly lower energy consumption compared to conventional humidifiers
  • Better value retention and extended life span of the instrument

Huge Discount for Klavier Galerie customers

If you already are our customer, or if you plan to buy a piano at Klavier Galerie, you can buy the Piano Life Saver including installation at half price.