In a little workshop in the heart of Vienna, in the Klaviermanufaktur, we build our most innovative instrument – the  Feurich Model 123 – Vienna.

The Feurich brand unites a team of experts who are dedicated to the technical advancement of our Instruments. As of 2016, the research findings are taking shape: In the Vienna workshop we make a highly innovative piano that combines technical sophistication and unparalleled touch in a unique musical experience. This is our contribution to the century old tradition of piano building in Vienna, the city of music.


This is where innovations are born

Upright pianos make for the largest number of all pianos sold worldwide, however, little is invested in their technical advancement. Classic piano making is a conservative industry that has seen little innovation over the last 100 years. The focus of the manufacturers is mainly on the prestigious grand pianos. Therefore, the basic engineering of current upright pianos is based on technologies from the 19th century. Feurich counteracts this circumstance by specifically redesigning and further developing all components of the piano, thus creating acoustic instruments of the 21st century.


European Craftsmanship

The piano has its origins in Europe and to this day, the tradition and experience of generations of piano makers has been relied on. However, a production in Vienna can only assert itself on the world market if there is innovation with added value for the customers, which clearly set the instrument apart from the competition. This is what our piano Feurich Model 123 – Vienna does: It features completely new technical concepts in various areas of the piano and is yet manufactured in traditional Viennese craftsmanship.