An optically appealing solution to improve room acoustics are sound absorbers. We recommend the highly effective acoustic panels from RaiWai, which we also use in our showroom.

Acoustic panels that sound better

There are many sound absorbers that look good, but what’s more important is the inner values. RaiWai acoustic panels have a modern G3 fiberglass core and therefore have much higher absorption values than conventional foam or Basotect products. For the same effect you need flatter and fewer panels, which is both aesthetically and financially beneficial. The high-performance core is protected by a sturdy inner frame and covered with high-quality fabrics. Since the acoustic core never loses power and is well protected, RaiWai acoustic panels are very durable. Each element is handcrafted and tested from the seams to the cut of the fiberglass membrane.

  • Much more effective than comparable products of the same size
  • Stable inner frame and easy installation
  • Core material is durable (foam and Basotect become porous and lose effect)
  • Easy installation on walls or ceiling

Sound absorption coefficient

The sound absorption coefficient indicates what percentage of the sound energy is actually absorbed and how much is reflected. The higher the value, the better the sound absorber. Another quality feature is an even absorption in the different frequency ranges, creating a harmonious sound in the room. Values above 1.0 mean complete absorption of the incident sound energy.

In the front showroom of the Klaviergalerie, you can see a couple of acoustic panels in use. Moreover, we have color samples of the current collection as well as information material available. You can either order directly from RaiWai’s online shop or get more information on planning, custom-made products, and services.