Transport & Storage

    You are planning to move or you need to bring your instrument from one place to another? Or you need someone to store your piano for some time? We can do all of that for you!


    Within Vienna and across Austria

    Our piano hauling professionals will not only bring your instrument to its destination safely, but also set it up in the requested spot. Even if you life on the 4th floor and there is no lift available, or if the piano must be moved through a window by crane – we always find a way. The transport service of the KLAVIERgalerie is known for its reliability and fair prices. We transport instruments not only within the city of Vienna but throughout Austria and beyond.


    Worldwide Piano Hauling

    Thanks to the worldwide network of FEURICH partners, we are able to arrange piano transports to even the most remote places and still offer a reasonable price. Our pianos can be found anywhere from French Guyana to Persepolis, from Chilean mountains to the Thai jungle.



    Our spacious storage rooms at KLAVIERgalerie provide ideal climatic conditions for pianos. If you own a piano, but cannot set it up at the moment, for example, during an extended stay abroad, we can store the piano for you.

    The monthly costs are 42€ for upright pianos and 60€ for grand pianos plus a 100€ fee for protective packaging to keep out dust.

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