Our Craftsman Workshop

    The skills of our craftsmen are widely known. Our specialists take care of your instrument from routine service to repair jobs to full restoration.

    Team Produktion Werkstatt

    At KLAVIERgalerie in Kaiserstraße, the focus is on service, tuning, voicing, and surface restoration. More elaborate repairs and restorations are carried out in our larger workshop in Strohmayergasse. Viola Stepanik has decades of experience to ensure the optimum quality of all work. She is also responsible for apprentice training in our company.

    Vladislav Mikucionok is responsible for the technical development and production of the new instruments in the KLAVIERmanufaktur. In addition to repairing and reconditioning vintage instruments in Strohmayergasse, we also develop and build our own FEURICH Model 123 – Vienna upright piano.

    You can have any kind of repair done with us, no matter if you need a complete refurbishment of the action, the sound board, or the surface. We make sure you get the best possible sound from your instrument or make it a beautiful piece of furniture!

    Servicing a piano is almost always worth the effort, because it makes playing more enjoyable and increases the life span and value of your piano.

    Our team of experts creates extraordinary results and can run our own bass string production and spare parts warehouse. In order to show you all the possibilities and to find the best solution for your instrument, we are happy to take time for a detailed consultation.