Our complete range of professional services ensures that you are happy with your piano for a long time. When you rent or purchase an instrument at KLAVIERgalerie, we offer tuning and voicing as well as maintenance and repair service in our in-house workshop in order to guarantee that you piano remains in great shape. In addition, we offer transport and storage service as well as short-term rental service for concerts and events.

Tuning & Maintenance

Our experts take care of tuning, voicing, maintenance and possible repairs to make your instrument shine.

Rental & Financing

Playing the piano must be affordable, even with limited financial resources. We offer different models for partial payment, hire purchase or rent – ask us!

Event Service

Looking for a top-notch piano for your event? We have a wide range of upright and grand pianos for rent and we offer transport and tuning on top!

Transport & Storage

You are planning to move or need to bring your instrument from one place to another? Or you need someone to store your piano for some time? We can do all of that for you!