Here, you will find all the things that make playing the piano even more enjoyable, or that you simply cannot do without. There are technical add-ons for enhanced touch or for playing in silent mode, we have digital pianos, piano benches, metronomes, Soft Fall Systems, music stands, care products and more.

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Acoustic Panels

An optically appealing solution to improve room acoustics are sound absorbers. We recommend the highly effective acoustic panels from RaiWai

High Speed KAMM Action

Precise touch and fast repetition – the ©FEURICH High Speed KAMM Action solves the gravity conundrum and lets you play an upright piano like a grand!

Piano Benches

Explore our wide range of benches and stools from tradtional to modern, hydraulic designs, from pre-owned antiques matching your reconditioned piano to inexpensive options.

Piano Covers

Our ultra-durable piano covers provide the best protection for your piano. They can be tailored to fit any upright or grand piano of any brand.

Lamps & More

Functionality and design go hand in hand – piano lamps and piano coasters that protect both the floor and your neighbours’ nerves – at KLAVIERgalerie!

Pedal Extensions

The FEURICH pedal extension is the perfect solution for children who are too small to comfortably reach the piano pedals.

Piano Life Saver

Pianos are sensitive to fluctuations in humidity – the most effective solution is called Piano Life Saver and is built directly into the instrument.


A digital piano has some advantages if you take your instrument on the road or if you mainly play with headphones. Try our digital pianos from the Casio Privia series at KLAVIERgalerie!

Silencer System

Our Silencer System transforms your acoustic piano and lets you play in silent mode with headphones at any time, day or night.