Upright & Grand Pianos

The KLAVIERgalerie is the most visited piano shop in Vienna. In our showrooms you will find more than 150 pianos, grand pianos, and historical instruments. The selection ranges from our own internationally valued FEURICH pianos to expertly refurbished masterpieces by renowned manufacturers such as Bösendorfer, Steinway, Förster, Bechstein, and Blüthner, all the way to inexpensive used pianos.

Take your time to decide and try the instruments to your heart’s content. To find exactly the instrument that suits you, please arrange an appointment.


In a little workshop in the heart of Vienna, in the KLAVIERmanufaktur, we develop and build our most innovative instrument – the FEURICH Model 123 – Vienna.

Reconditioned & Mint Pianos

In the KLAVIERgalerie showrooms you will find used upright pianos and grand pianos in mint condition, professionally reconditioned, regulated, and tuned.

Masterpieces & Unique Pianos

Here you will find hand-picked concert grand pianos and upright pianos, expertly restored masterpieces by top brands, designer pianos and unique items.


The FEURICH brand found a new home in the KLAVIERgalerie in Vienna, Austria, where we collaborate with internationally renowned piano builders to create our FEURICH pianos.


Gadgets for pianists – from piano benches and metronomes to technical add-ons for enhanced touch or for playing in silent mode.